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Building maintenance in St. Joseph, Missouri, is essential. It ensures the community’s health, safety, and welfare. Professional services and code enforcement play a significant role in keeping commercial spaces well-maintained. But, knowing the right experts and the quality of their services is key.

Key Takeaways:

  • 1 Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc has been providing quality janitorial services since 1999.
  • 1 They clean various places like offices, schools, and sports stadiums.
  • 1 They use “CleanTelligent” software to give the best service and communicate well with clients.
  • 1 They pay their workers well, so they work better and are more cost-effective.
  • 1 They focus on safety with eco-friendly cleaning products like STEARNSĀ© Green Seal Certified.
  • 1 They serve the diverse businesses in Saint Joseph, Missouri, the state’s eighth most populated city.
  • 2 Thrasher Foundation Repair has been serving since 1975. They offer a wide range of building maintenance.
  • 2 Services include fixing basements, foundations, concrete, and enclosing crawl spaces.
  • 2 They always aim to make their customers happy and provide lasting solutions.
  • 2 They help both homes and businesses with services like repairing concrete and leveling pool decks.

Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc: Premier Building Maintenance in St. Joseph

Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc is a local company at 5906 N Belt Hwy, St Joseph, MO 64506. It offers top property maintenance to businesses in St. Joseph and nearby.

Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc gives reliable, professional maintenance. Our team keeps your places in great shape. We do everything from cleaning to fixing stuff, meeting all your maintenance needs.

In St. Joseph, our work quality shows we care. We know neat buildings make a good impact.

We cover all maintenance needs. This includes cleaning, fixing pipes, managing electricity, and checking the AC. Our staff is up-to-date and uses top-notch tools for your service.

We Offer a Wide Range of Property Maintenance Services

At Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc, we’re proud to offer services that fit you perfectly. Our list includes:

  • Regular cleaning and janitorial services
  • Electrical and plumbing maintenance
  • HVAC system inspections and repairs
  • Painting and touch-up services
  • Floor maintenance, including carpet cleaning and refinishing
  • Exterior building maintenance, such as power washing and window cleaning
  • General repairs and handyman services

Because every client is different, we make tailored plans to meet your needs. We’re ready to care for offices, stores, or factories – any kind of building.

We’re dedicated to being professional and detail-oriented. Our aim is to always do better than expected, giving great and steady services.

Service Provided by Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc Statistics from Reference3
Abatement 80%
Inspections 40%
Assessments 35%
Project Designs 15%

Stats from Reference3 show we’re good at abatement, inspections, checks, and designs. Our wide range of services means we meet all your maintenance needs well.

At Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc, we really care about doing great work and making you happy. We want to be your top pick for maintenance work in St. Joseph and nearby places. With us, you can be sure your property is in good hands.

Comprehensive Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Services in St. Joseph

We know keeping a clean business is crucial in St. Joseph, Missouri. P1 Service, LLC offers top-notch commercial cleaning and janitorial work to our clients.

Our team works round-the-clock to help commercial and industrial folks. We tackle all kinds of cleaning, like water or vent repair and more.

At P1 Service, LLC, quality is our priority. We train hard and use safe, eco-friendly products. We want to keep your place clean and safe.

Our skills cover many places, from offices to stadiums1. Each spot is different, so we mold our services to fit your place just right.

We use high-tech tools and “CleanTelligent” for smooth cleaning interactions1. This keeps everyone happy and our work top-notch.

St. Joseph, Missouri, is a lively spot with neat places like the Pony Express National Museum1. We’re proud to help with cleaning, making it a better place for all.

P1 Service, LLC is your go-to for cleaning needs in St. Joseph. You’ll see how our great service stands out. Try us out and feel the difference today.

Reliable and Efficient Janitorial Cleaning Company in St. Joseph

Clean As A Whistle LLC is highly respected in St. Joseph, Missouri. For over 20 years,1 we’ve provided top-notch cleaning to places like offices, stores, and schools. Our skilled team is keen on meeting our clients’ unique cleaning needs.

At Clean As A Whistle LLC, no job is too big or small for us. Whether your space is tiny or huge, we clean it all. From 2,500 sqft to over 5,000,000 sqft, we ensure everything is spotless.1

Our cleaning crew gets lots of training with modern tools and products. They know how to clean safely and effectively.1

We use “CleanTelligent” software to make sure all jobs are done right. This tool lets us and our clients share feedback and keep quality high. It makes solving any issue quick and easy.1

We pay our staff well because we value their work. We believe happy employees do better work. This leads to satisfied customers.1

Keeping the environment and our clients’ health safe is crucial to us. That’s why we use STEARNSĀ© Green Seal Certified Products. These eco-friendly products make your space clean and green.1

We aim to be the best in St. Joseph at serving various industries. From offices to stadiums, we offer the best cleaning and maintenance services. Our range of services is tailored to every client.1

St. Joseph, Missouri, is a busy place with about 80,000 people. It’s the eighth largest city in the state. We are proud to keep the city’s places looking great as part of this community.1

The city is also known for the Pony Express National Museum and Missouri Western State University. These places add life and culture to St. Joseph. We at Clean As A Whistle LLC are glad to be part of this vibrant city, offering top-notch cleaning services.1

Years of Experience Facility Size Training Quality Assurance Software Staff Wages Environmentally Friendly Products Industries Served Population Local Attractions
Since 19991 2,500 sqft to over 5,000,000 sqft1 Meticulous and regular training1 Utilize “CleanTelligent” software1 Hire better-paid employees for productivity1 Use STEARNSĀ© Green Seal Certified Products1 Office buildings, retail centers, banks, medical offices, schools, stadiums, and more1 Around 80,000 people1 Pony Express National Museum, Missouri Western State University1

Professional Property Maintenance Solutions in St. Joseph, Missouri

Keeping commercial properties in St. Joseph in top shape is key. Owners trust many local companies for this. These property maintenance services St. Joseph handle everything to keep buildings up, meet rules, and create a safe, good-looking space for all.

Donna Farrow & Company shines in property upkeep. They have over 25 years’ experience4. Their top services in property management, leasing, and maintenance stand out. They check properties every three months, giving owners detailed reports4.

They belong to top realtor groups, linking them across the industry4. They’re also part of management and commerce groups, showing their dedication4.

Donna Farrow & Company is great at keeping tenants happy. They quickly handle fixes, making tenants like living in their places. Clients love their careful work, as shared in great reviews4.

They also keep a clear track of the money side for property owners4. Owners get regular reports, helping them smartly manage their investments.

They make rent collection easy online, which is good for everyone4. This keeps money flowing well for property owners.

They’re experts in managing all kinds of properties, from houses to big buildings4. They understand and meet the needs of each type well.

To wrap up, St. Joseph property owners have great choices for maintaining their properties. Companies like Donna Farrow & Company offer full support, focus on tenants’ happiness, and provide clear money updates. Choosing them lets owners concentrate on growing their business, knowing their properties are in good hands.


Keeping commercial properties in St. Joseph, Missouri, working well is key. You can choose help from the city or hire private maintenance companies. This improves how buildings run, makes them safer, and looks good, attracting people to come.

The city ensures buildings follow rules for a neat place to live. It watches over stormwater, trees, and events. Private firms like Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc and P1 Service, LLC also help. They offer maintenance and cleaning services that fit each building’s unique needs.5

Working with skilled maintenance teams helps keep buildings in top shape. They do checks, fix things fast, and prevent problems. The St. Joseph Code has rules for building care. It looks at electricity, repairs, and keeping buildings safe. This protects people’s well-being and follows the law.

To sum up, taking care of commercial buildings in St. Joseph is important. You can get help from the city or experts in the field. This ensures places are safe, look good, and work well for all. Investing in building care means keeping your property valuable and supporting a great community.


What services does the city of St. Joseph offer for property maintenance?

The city of St. Joseph helps with keeping properties in line. They deal with things like overgrown weeds, trash, and unlicensed vehicles. They also watch out for disease breeding spots.

Where is Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc located?

You can find Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc at 5906 N Belt Hwy, St. Joseph, MO 64506.

What services does Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc provide?

They provide maintenance for places in St. Joseph and nearby. This includes cleaning, repairs, and making sure things are working right.

What services does P1 Service, LLC offer in St. Joseph?

P1 Service, LLC takes care of cleaning and maintenance for businesses. They handle water, waste, and vent problems. Also, they do drain cleaning and excavation work.

What industries does Clean As A Whistle LLC serve in St. Joseph?

Clean As A Whistle LLC works in many industries. This includes office buildings, shops, medical offices, and schools, among others.

Why should property owners in St. Joseph consider outsourcing property maintenance?

Outsourcing maintenance helps property owners a lot. It ensures buildings are in good shape and meet all rules. Plus, it makes the place safe and nice for everyone.

Why is building maintenance important for commercial properties in St. Joseph?

Keeping up with maintenance is key for business buildings. It makes everything run smoother and safer. It also shows a good face to the public for the business.

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