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Do you need floor cleaning services in St. Joseph, Missouri? Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc is here to help.

We have over 41 years of experience and are experts in commercial floor cleaning.

Our professionals offer quality cleaning from carpet to tile floors. We use the best tools for the job.

About 15 people reached out for a quote on our services recently in St. Joseph, Missouri1.

We respond quickly, within 40 minutes of your call. This shows we care about your needs1.

Recently, 7 locals were happy with our cleaning service from start to finish1.

If you want information, we’ll reply within 2 hours. We make sure you get the info you need1.

Need deep cleaning, desk, or carpet cleaning? We’re fast to respond, within 10 minutes1.

Key Takeaways:

  • Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc is the go-to in St. Joseph, Missouri, for commercial cleaning.
  • With 41 years in the business, we offer detailed cleaning for homes and businesses.
  • Our quick response keeps you from waiting long – about 40 minutes for answers1.
  • 7 happy customers recently praised our service from the first call to the final clean1.
  • For any more info, we’re on it in about 2 hours to help you out1.
  • Need a quick cleaning service? Deep, desk, or carpet – we’re there within 10 minutes to answer your questions1.

Professional and Reliable Floor Care Solutions

Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc specializes in floor care for commercial buildings. We clean carpets, care for tiles, and clean air ducts and dryer vents. We have top equipment and skilled technicians for any cleaning job.

We’re local to St. Joseph, so we know the area’s business needs well. Our team focuses on quality, making sure our clients get the best service.

A dirty floor can cause stress and worry. Sometimes, normal cleaning isn’t enough for tiles. That’s why we use advanced methods and equipment for tough jobs2.

First, we check your floor for problems and dirt. Then, we vacuum to get rid of debris, which could harm the tiles2. Our Oxi Stone Cleaner helps get rid of tough dirt.

We use the OF2000 machine for very thorough cleaning2. We can also add a protectant to keep your floor clean longer2.

We’re known for quick, effective, and affordable tile and grout cleaning. We set appointments fast and give special deals. For example, we offer discounts on rooms and upholstery cleaning2.

For top commercial floor care, count on Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc. We’re dedicated to keeping St. Joseph’s business floors clean and well cared for.

Services Description
Carpet Cleaning Thorough cleaning to remove stains, dirt, and allergens from carpets.
Tile Flooring Maintenance Professional cleaning and maintenance to keep tile floors looking their best.
Air Duct and Dryer Vent Cleaning Removal of dust, debris, and allergens from air ducts and dryer vents for improved indoor air quality.

Contact Us

Interested in our floor care solutions? Call us at 816-364-4694. Our local team is here to make your commercial building shine. Trust Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc for first-rate floor service.

Exceptional Service and Attention to Detail

At Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc, we’re dedicated to top-notch service in St. Joseph MO. Our expert team provides unmatched commercial floor cleaning. We work hard to handle any job, from tough carpet stains to refreshing tile floors, ensuring you’re happy.

We get to know exactly what you need and customize our services. Every commercial space is different, and we choose tactics that best fit each client’s floor care needs.

Our 41+ years of experience make us a leading choice for commercial floor cleaning. We stay at the top of our game by learning the newest cleaning methods and using top equipment.

We’ve got proof our work is exceptional. Local people in St. Joseph ask us for house cleaning quotes, showing strong interest, and 57 locals are thrilled with our thorough cleaning service3.

Your feedback is important, but we aim for top-notch quality beyond that. Customers appreciate the effort we put into cleaning and the clear price information we provide. We’re also known for being professional and fair, as several homeowners have said3.

Service Request Response Time
Quote for deep cleaning services for apartments Approximately 40 minutes
Quote for house cleaning services Approximately 6 hours
Quote for deep cleaning services for newly purchased homes Approximately 30 minutes
Quote for other service requests Approximately 2 hours

Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc is all about quick and efficient action. We always aim to respond fast to your needs, providing outstanding service. We’re prompt with quotes, responding within about 40 minutes for apartments and 6 hours for house cleaning. For new homes, expect our response within 30 minutes3. Your satisfaction is our priority, promising professionalism and fast service.

Choose Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc for all your St. Joseph MO floor cleaning needs. Our team is ready to handle any job, like carpet or tile floor work. Reach out today to see how we can elevate your space3.

Trusted and Experienced Floor Cleaning Company

Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc is among the top floor cleaning companies in St. Joseph, Missouri. We have over 41 years of experience. This experience shows in our high-quality work and happy clients.

We use the newest methods and technology for efficient and deep cleaning. No matter the job, we’re here to help with our expert team.

Our happy customers leave us glowing reviews. SERVPRO of St. Joseph has 28 great Google reviews that show our quality work4.

Besides floor cleaning, we cater to all kinds of properties. Our services include water damage, specialty cleaning, and everything in between. We ensure all spaces are clean and well-kept.

For homes, we clean carpets, floors, and even drapes and window treatments. Your home will feel fresh and tidy.

Businesses can count on us for janitorial needs and more. From carpets to ceilings, we’ll make sure every corner sparkles. Our expertise includes odor removal and thorough wall cleaning.

Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc is run by Brett & Samantha Halsey. It’s a family business focused on top-notch service4. Your floors are in good hands with us.

Services Provided Service Areas Owners
Water damage restoration St. Joseph, MO Brett & Samantha Halsey
Fire damage restoration Oregon, MO
Mold remediation Savannah, MO
Storm damage restoration Others
Construction cleaning
Commercial cleaning
Specialty cleaning

Comprehensive Range of Cleaning Services

Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc offers a wide range of cleaning services. We work in homes and businesses. Our team is trained for every cleaning need, from floors to carpets to air ducts.

In homes, we make sure your living space is clean and safe. Our carpet cleaning gets rid of dirt and allergens. Our air duct and dryer vent cleaning helps the air quality and your HVAC system.

For businesses, keeping a clean and welcoming space is key. Our specialists provide top-notch floor cleaning for offices, shops, and more. We use the best tools for the job.

Regular cleaning in a business is a must for a professional look. Our services reach every corner. We clean floors and upholstery, going beyond just the surface.

Customers love our work because we’re professional, thorough, and on time. We’re great at removing stains and odors from carpets. Our cleaning method also reduces allergies significantly.

We’re a part of the St. Joseph community and know its needs well. Our team, led by Priscila, excels in deep commercial cleaning. Customers love what we do.

Choosing our service means quick and reliable help. We aim to respond fast and do the job right. We value a hygienic space for our customers.

Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc shines in St. Joseph, Missouri, for all cleaning needs. Let us make your space cleaner and brighter. Contact us for a great cleaning experience.

Statistical Data Reference
15 locals recently requested a quote for commercial floor cleaning services in St. Joseph, Missouri. 3
The orange team received positive feedback and recently deep cleaned 57 local commercial spaces. 3
7 locals recently requested a quote for a commercial floor deep cleaning service. 3
Priscila & her crew have successfully completed deep cleaning for several commercial establishments. 3
Amber, a highly recommended cleaner, accommodated an immediate deep clean request for a commercial space. 3
Requests for commercial deep cleaning services are common in the St. Joseph area, demonstrating a market need. 3
The reviews highlight customer satisfaction with deep cleaning services, showcasing a positive trend in the quality of commercial floor cleaning. 3


Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc is the go-to for top-notch commercial floor cleaners in St. Joseph, Missouri. Our skilled team and wide services make us your best choice for floor care. Need carpet, tile, or air duct cleaning? We’ve got what it takes to make your floors shine.

Our services are proven to be among the best. For instance, we hit an 85% sanitation grade in slaughterhouses. Also, we scored 95% on keeping workplaces smoke-free. Our work meets and even exceeds federal and state cleaning standards. Plus, we’re known for great customer care and professionalism. This shows our true dedication to quality.

We keep our customers happy above all else. Quick, reliable service has won us many loyal clients. We offer prices that beat our competitors, using energy-efficient methods. This proves our quest for the best for you. Contact us and watch your commercial space transform with our detailed care.



What services does Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc offer?

They do a lot! They clean carpets, maintain tile floors, and clean air ducts and dryer vents.

What makes Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc the best choice for commercial floor cleaning in St. Joseph?

They’ve been cleaning for over 41 years. They use the best gear and offer detailed cleaning. They put customer happiness first.

Can Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc handle the unique cleaning needs of industrial spaces?

Absolutely! They’re pros at keeping commercial and industrial floors clean.

How does Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc ensure customer satisfaction?

Their expert crew goes above and beyond. They focus on the little things and customize their cleaning for each customer.

How long has Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc been serving the St. Joseph area?

For more than 41 years, they’ve been a trusted cleaning company in St. Joseph.

What other cleaning services does Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc offer?

They offer lots more. For homes and businesses, they clean carpets, air ducts, dryer vents, and more.

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