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Want to make your floors look better in St. Joseph, Missouri? Check out Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc. They offer top-notch floor waxing services. Their team is skilled and dedicated to quality. They can clean, wax, polish, or restore your floors, making them look amazing.

At our company, we know clean, shiny floors are important. That’s why we provide expert floor waxing. We’re at 5906 N Belt Hwy, St. Joseph, MO 64506. Our goal is to make your floors stand out with a bright shine. Our team works hard to ensure you’re very happy with the job.1We use the best methods and materials for every project. Whether it’s a small office or a big warehouse, we got you covered.

Why pick us for your floor waxing? First off, we customize our services just for you. We listen to what you want and make it happen. Plus, our skilled team can take on any job. You can count on us for great service and top skills.

Now, let’s talk cost. In St. Joseph, floor waxing can cost between $2.32 and $3.08 per square foot. But, there might be a minimum charge, usually between $100 and $200. Keep this in mind as you plan your project.1

Still wondering about the benefits of floor waxing? Consider this: it can add almost $2,000 to your home’s value. Plus, it makes your floors last longer by protecting them. And it creates a cleaner, healthier space by blocking bacteria and allergens.1Don’t settle for floors that look tired. Let Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc refresh them. Visit our site at http://acscleans.com/ or give us a call at 18163646900. Find out more about our services and book your appointment today.

Key Takeaways:

  • Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc offers professional floor waxing services in St. Joseph, Missouri.
  • The cost of floor waxing in St. Joseph ranges from $2.32 to $3.08 per square foot, with some companies having a minimum rate.
  • Floor waxing can increase the value of a home by an average of $1,857 and provide a hygienic environment by sealing the floors.
  • Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc has an experienced team and provides reliable service tailored to your needs.
  • Enhance the appearance of your space with professional floor waxing services from Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc.

Floor Waxing in St. Joseph: Cost Factors to Consider

When you look into floor waxing in St. Joseph, Missouri, there are several things to think about. The size of your space is key. Bigger areas often cost less per square foot. But, some places set a minimum rate. This means even small spaces will be charged at least this amount. On average, in St. Joseph, floor waxing costs between $2.32 to $3.08 per square foot1.

You also need to think about if you need any extra services. For example, removing old wax or getting the floor ready to be waxed. These extras can change your final bill.

Cost Factors Price Range
Labor cost $1,8201
Supplies cost $9641
Fair price range $2,486 to $3,0831
Minimum rate $100 to $2001

It’s important to calculate the cost for each square foot thoughtfully. The average rate in St. Joseph is $2.32. But, the size and where your project is can change this price1. It’s best to talk with a professional. They can give you a price that fits your specific situation. Knowing all this can help you see if floor waxing in St. Joseph fits your budget.

Benefits of Professional Floor Waxing in St. Joseph

Professional floor waxing in St. Joseph has many pluses for homes and businesses. It betters the look, boosts value, and extends floor life. Plus, it has that wow factor that wows visitors and clients2.

Floor waxing can spike your home’s value by almost $1,857. This boost makes it a smart buy2. It also keeps your floors beautiful, lessens wear, and cuts down on repairs2.

Hiring pros means you tap into their deep know-how. They understand different floors and know how to get the best shine. They can tailor solutions to meet your floor’s needs2.

A waxed floor is shielded against stains and scratches. This safeguard bumps up your floor’s life and makes cleaning a breeze2.

Today’s waxes use high-tech polymer for top-notch protection. This not only performs better but also saves you money. It’s even used in health settings to keep places germ-free2.

Customers rave about professional floor waxing services. Proven companies like MARBLELIFE can make a world of difference. They give stellar, long-lasting results2.

Advantages of Professional Floor Waxing Statistical Data
Enhanced Appearance Opting for professional floor waxing in St. Joseph significantly enhances the appearance of your space, leaving your floors with a standout shine2.
Increased Home Value Studies have shown that professional floor waxing can increase the value of your home by up to $1,857, making it a worthwhile investment2.
Prolonged Floor Life Professional floor waxing prevents wear and tear, minimizing the need for costly repairs or replacements, thus prolonging the life of your floors2.
Expert Knowledge and Expertise By hiring experienced technicians, you can benefit from their expert knowledge and expertise in achieving the best results2.

Floor Waxing Services Offered by Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc

Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc in St. Joseph, Missouri is a top choice for expert floor cleaning. They have over 25 years of experience3. Their skilled team is certified to provide a trustworthy service3.

They provide many floor waxing services such as regular cleaning, waxing, and full restoration. Their use of top-notch products and equipment guarantees great outcomes.

Besides floor services, they also work on janitorial needs like maintenance, carpet cleaning, and more3. They know how important it is to keep workspaces clean for health and satisfaction3.

Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc shines because they focus on making customers happy. Clients love their ability to meet special requests and stay flexible3. Plus, they create plans that fit different budgets and needs3.

They specialize in commercial cleaning for industries such as warehouses and medical facilities3. Their team is skilled in using the best tools and solutions for every job4.

They stay at the forefront of their industry with the latest tech for safe and healthy workspaces3. Their eco-friendly practices help make spaces cleaner and more enjoyable.

Floor Waxing Services Provided by Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc

Floor Waxing Services Description
Floor Cleaning Thorough cleaning of all types of floors to remove dirt and grime.
Floor Waxing Application of high-quality wax to protect and enhance the appearance of floors.
Floor Polishing Buffing and polishing to restore the shine and smoothness of floors.
Floor Restoration Complete restoration of worn-out or damaged floors to their original condition.
Industrial Floor Refinishing Refinishing services for industrial floors, including epoxy coatings and sealing.

Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc is your go-to in St. Joseph for all floor care needs. They deliver excellent maintenance and restoration services. Call them to see how they can improve your floors.

Importance of Professional Floor Waxing in St. Joseph

Getting your floors waxed by pros in St. Joseph is key for their upkeep. It protects them against harm, boosts their life, and makes them easier to clean. The wax forms a shield from daily use and makes them shine nicely.

This layer stops stains from getting into the flooring. This is vital in busy places where spills happen a lot. It lets you just wipe off stains, keeping everything looking fresh. Also, it guards against scratches, marks, and dents, saving you from repairs or new flooring.

The wax also cuts down on how much dirt and grime stick to your floors. This means simple sweeping or mopping can keep them clean. It keeps your space healthier by stopping the build-up of bugs and allergens in your home or work.

According to statistical data1, in Saint Joseph, MO, floor waxing costs about $2,486 to $3,083. It can add $1,857 to a home’s worth. For 1282 square feet, expect to pay around $2,784.40. You should wax your floors every year or two in Saint Joseph, based on how much you walk on them.

It’s better to let the experts handle floor waxing than doing it yourself. Companies like Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc3 in St. Joseph know what they’re doing. They have the right skills, tools, and experience for a great, lasting result.

Choosing professional floor waxing improves not just how your floors look but also protects them from harm. It enhances their life and keeps your space cleaner and safer. With a team like Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc, you know your floors are in good hands.

Trusted Floor Waxing Company in St. Joseph

Looking for floor waxing in St. Joseph? Go to Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc. They have served many happy clients for years. Their skilled team ensures top-notch results for your floors.

At Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc, customer satisfaction comes first. We know clean, shiny floors matter a lot. Our experts are here to meet all your needs, from commercial to industrial floors.

We focus on details and set high quality bars. Our use of advanced methods and tools promises great outcomes. We aim to beat what you expect from us every time.

Choosing us means trusting your floors to experts. Our commitment to quality earned us a fine name in St. Joseph. We always work professionally, keeping standards high.

About Our Services

Our services match your floor’s unique needs perfectly. We have special treatments like MARBLELIFE TileLOK for ceramic floors. For vinyl, it’s MARBLELIFE VinylGuard. And for marble, concrete, and terrazzo, try MARBLELIFE STONELIFE. These choices ensure durable, great looks.

MARBLELIFE treatments have been utilized by universities, hospitals, airports, and office buildings to save money and deliver superior and lasting results2.

Our floor waxing also protects floors against stains and damage. This shield extends your floor’s life, saving you money. Repair and replacement needs are also reduced.

The University of Florida (UF) treated 170,000 sq-ft of high-traffic dorm floors with TileLOK® and reported savings of over $50,000 per year in maintenance costs compared to using waxes2.

Cleaning becomes easy with our waxed floors. Dirt and grime don’t stick, making your space cleaner. This also helps keep harmful germs and allergens away.

MARBLELIFE technology has been utilized to make hospitals and doctor’s offices safer by reducing hiding places for germs and bacteria2.

Choose Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc for Quality Service

For reliable floor waxing in St. Joseph, lean on Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc. Our dedicated team ensures your complete satisfaction. We make your area look top-notch.

Ready to start? Contact us at Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc today. Let’s make your floors shine in St. Joseph.

Key Benefits of Choosing Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc
Trusted and reputable company
Experienced technicians with exceptional knowledge and expertise
Reliable service and customer satisfaction guarantee
Attention to detail and commitment to quality

Elevate Your Space with Professional Floor Waxing in St. Joseph

Elevate your space with top-notch floor waxing in St. Joseph. Our team at Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc adds a special shine to your floors. This improves how your space looks overall.

Our experienced technicians work hard to make your floors look great. They know a polished floor can really change the feel of your home or business. Our waxing services make your space look better and feel nicer.5We use high-quality products and advanced techniques to protect your floors. Our expert care helps your floors stay beautiful for a long time. They resist stains and damage well.

“Our floor waxing services are designed to provide long-lasting protection and enhance the durability of your floors.”


Professional floor waxing also makes cleaning easier. The wax keeps dirt and grime away. This helps your floors stay in great shape without a lot of effort.

“Waxed floors are easier to clean and maintain, as the wax acts as a barrier against dirt and grime.”5At Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc, customer happiness is our goal. We always adapt our services to fit what you need. No matter the size, we’re ready to make your space look fantastic.

Choose professional floor waxing in St. Joseph with us. Give us a call to make your floors look amazing with our skilled and meticulous work.

Our Floor Waxing Services:
– Floor Cleaning
– Floor Waxing
Floor Polishing
Floor Restoration
Industrial Floor Refinishing

Table: Our Floor Waxing Services

For the best floor waxing in St. Joseph, choose Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc. We offer specialized services that make your floors shine with beauty and professionalism.


Floor waxing in St. Joseph, Missouri, is better done by pros. At Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc, we handle floor care like waxing, cleaning, and more. Our skilled team is focused on making you happy, making us your top choice.

Let us make your place shine with our top-notch service. We focus on your floor’s every detail using the best stuff and equipment. No matter if it’s a big or small job, our know-how makes everything look great.

Pick us for your floor needs in St. Joseph. Reach out today for your waxing job and see how we stand out.


What is floor waxing?

It’s a pro service that makes your floors look better by adding a protective wax coat.

Where can I find floor waxing services in St. Joseph, Missouri?

You can get great floor waxing services in St. Joseph at Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc. They are at 5906 N Belt Hwy, St. Joseph, MO 64506.

What floor care services does Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc provide?

They provide floor cleaning, waxing, polishing, restoration, and industrial floor refinishing.

How much does floor waxing in St. Joseph cost?

In St. Joseph, it can cost from .32 to .08 for each square foot.

What factors can affect the cost of floor waxing in St. Joseph?

The cost might change based on job size, extra services needed (like old wax removal), and the company’s set minimum cost.

What are the benefits of professional floor waxing?

It makes your space look better, raises your house’s value, extends your floor’s life, and brings in expert care and knowledge.

Why is floor waxing important?

It guards against stains and harm, ups floor life, eases upkeep, and makes for a cleaner space.

Why should I choose Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc for floor waxing?

They’re well-known with skilled workers, offer reliable service, and care about making customers happy.

How can professional floor waxing elevate my space?

With Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc, your floors will shine, making your whole place look better.

Where can I learn more about the floor waxing services provided by Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc?

To get more info on their floor waxing services, visit http://acscleans.com/ or call them at 18163646900.

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