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Welcome to Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc., the top-rated hard surface cleaning company in St. Joseph, Missouri. Are you tired of struggling to keep your surfaces clean and looking their best? Do you long for the days when your tiles sparkled and your grout was pristine? You’ve found the right place. We can bring back the shine to your surfaces, in homes and businesses.

Keeping hard surfaces clean is key for any space to look its best. Whether it’s tile floors, grout lines, or other hard surfaces, they gather dirt, grime, and stains over time. Our team knows how to conquer tough cleaning jobs. We leave everything looking new and full of life.

Our cleaners bring over117 years of skill to every job. We are confident in handling any cleaning task, no matter how big or tricky. From tiny homes to huge office buildings, we have what it takes to meet your cleaning needs.

Our happy customers say it best. With almost all our customers on Angi rating us highly, you know we’re good. We vow to always make you happy with our work. We give our all to make each cleaning job stand out in quality.

Key Takeaways:

  • Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc. is the top-rated hard surface cleaning company in St. Joseph, Missouri.
  • With over 17 years of experience, our team of expert cleaners delivers high-quality results.
  • Our customers highly recommend our services, with a satisfaction rate of 98%-100% on Angi.
  • We specialize in restoring the pristine condition of hard surfaces, both residential and commercial.
  • Contact us today to experience the exceptional results of our expert hard surface cleaning services

Comprehensive Cleaning Services in St. Joseph

At Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc., we offer top-notch cleaning services. We are proud to serve in St. Joseph, Missouri. Our skilled team uses the best equipment and cleaning products. We make sure your spaces are spotless and look beautiful.

We specialize in cleaning different surfaces at home or work. Our services include cleaning tiles, carpets, and windows. Our expert cleaners can deal with any cleaning job effectively.

We tailor our cleaning services to fit your needs perfectly. We know every space is unique. So, we offer cleaning plans that match what you need. Our services include safe cleaning options and preparing spaces for moving in or out.

Making you happy is our main goal. We provide great service at a good price. When you call, we’re quick to respond2. We make sure every cleaning job is done well and on time.

Our hard surface cleaning is next level. From desks to carpets to windows, we do it all exceptionally well.

Our focus is on the small things and using safe products. We clean your surfaces thoroughly while protecting them. Your space and the planet matter to us.

Customers love what we do. They praise our on-time service, clear prices, and cleanliness after we’re done. Their reviews show our dedication to great service3.

Recent Cleaning Service Requests in St. Joseph

Service Number of Requests
Comprehensive Cleaning 15
Whole House Cleaning 24
Deep Cleaning 12
Commercial Cleaning 4

People in St. Joseph trust us for their deep cleaning needs2. The data proves they often choose us for full house and comprehensive cleaning. This trust means a lot to us.

Choosing us means getting top-quality cleaning just for you. We promise to keep your spaces clean and beautiful. Contact us for skilled hard surface cleaning in St. Joseph, Missouri.

State-of-the-Art Cleaning Techniques

Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc. is known for using top-notch cleaning methods. We ensure your hard surfaces are spotless. Our staff learns the latest techniques, bringing top-notch results to homes and businesses in St. Joseph, Missouri.

We emphasize being kind to the planet. Therefore, we only use eco-friendly products. Our methods work well on hardwood, tile, and grout, removing stains and smudges. This keeps both your surfaces and the environment safe.

Cleaning Experts in Various Hard Surfaces

Our cleaning experts know their stuff. They can clean all hard surfaces, from epoxy to stone. Whether at home or work, we’ll make your surfaces shine.

Our skills and modern techniques bring surfaces back to life. They will look new again. You can count on us to go beyond your expectations.

Every surface needs special cleaning. We know the best methods for each kind, protecting from damage. This means your surfaces will be safe and clean.

We offer quality cleaning at a great price. Our advanced techniques don’t break the bank. This makes us the best for hard surface cleaning in St. Joseph, Missouri.

Experience You Can Rely On

With over 50 years in the business, we’ve become a trusted name in St. Joseph, Missouri. Our outstanding results show our commitment to excellence.

Choosing us means quality care. Our team always aims for customer satisfaction. No job is too big or too hard for us. We strive to meet all your needs.

Minimum Charge and 24/7 Emergency Services

Our cleaning services fit every budget. The minimum charge to book us is $140. This lets you get professional cleaning at a fair price.

Accidents don’t wait for a good time. That’s why we are here 24/7 for emergency cleaning. We quickly handle urgent clean-up needs, restoring your surfaces fast.


Trusted and Reliable Service

At Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc., we’re known as the go-to hard surface cleaning service in St. Joseph, Missouri. We take great pride in our work, ensuring top-quality results and top-notch service. Our reputation in the community reflects our dedication – we’re always on time, professional, and eager to meet your needs.

Choose us for your hard surface cleaning, and you’ll see real dedication. We handle tasks like tile and grout cleaning or polishing hardwood floors with expertise. We promise to treat your home or business with utmost care.

Being dependable is crucial in our line of work. Our team always shows up on time and finishes tasks without delay. This lets you quickly return to your normal schedule.

A highly recommended company with a 4.9 rating and 10 customer reviews has 21 years of experience.1

We have deep experience that you can trust. Our knowledge and tools can meet any cleaning challenge. We use the latest methods and equipment to care for your surfaces properly.

Your satisfaction matters most to us. We work hard to make sure every cleaning is detailed and efficient, giving you the cleanest surfaces possible.

A significant number of local quotes, such as 2741, 40, and 36, have been requested for certain companies.1

We also offer free estimates for both homes and businesses. This visit helps us understand your needs and give you a fair, accurate price for the work.

Our dedication doesn’t stop at cleaning. We value your time, always aiming to respond quickly to your needs and questions. We’re here to support you in every way we can.

For top-quality hard surface cleaning in St. Joseph, MO, choose Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc. Contact us to see how our reliable service can make a difference. We’re ready to bring back the shine to your surfaces.

Years of Experience Customer Reviews Angi Recommendation
21 years 10 100%
17 years 0 N/A
19 years 1,438 N/A

Customized Cleaning Solutions

Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc. knows each cleaning job is different. We offer special cleaning plans for your unique needs. We can help with one-time cleanings or keep things sparkling regularly. Our aim is to give you affordable cleaning solutions that WOW you.

In St. Joseph, Missouri, our expert cleaners are ready to meet your needs. They tackle the hardest jobs and leave things shining. You can count on our team for top-notch results.

We clean both homes and businesses, even the trickiest hard surfaces like tile and grout. No job is too big or complex for us. We use the best gear and know-how for a job well done.

We’re not just any cleaning crew. We come when you need us and work around your schedule. We make sure your needs are met quickly and efficiently, often replying to messages in about 40 minutes.2

Our quality is well-known in St. Joseph. 15 locals have chosen us recently. We aim to understand and meet your cleaning needs perfectly. We make sure you’re happy with our work every time.2

With Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc., you get top professionalism and careful work. We aim to not just meet but beat your expectations. Our crew gives a top-notch, detailed clean. Your surfaces will look as good as new.

Don’t opt for lower quality cleaning. Go with the best in St. Joseph – Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc. Get in touch now to chat about your cleaning needs and see how expert cleaners can make a difference.

Name Respond Time Number of Quote Requests
Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc. About 40 minutes 15

Exceptional Customer Satisfaction

At Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc., customer satisfaction is our top priority. We’re known as a reliable hard surface cleaning company in St. Joseph, Missouri. Our focus on detail, professionalism, and dedication have won us many loyal clients.

The5mk> average rating of 5 stars on Google and Facebook proves our clients’ happiness. We get praised by many kinds of people, including business owners and educators. Even throughout 2022, we consistently earned 5-star reviews in months like January, December, November, and October.

Being BBB accredited and a Chamber of Commerce member shows our dedication to satisfied customers. We aim to stay the top choice for hard surface cleaning in St. Joseph, Missouri. Your trust means everything to us.

Our guarantee is clear: exceptional results and happy customers when you pick us for cleaning. Clients often share 2-3 lines of great feedback on the service they receive5mk>.

For both homes and businesses, our team is ready to clean your hard surfaces. We offer quality cleaning that’s also affordable. Expect us to go above and beyond for you.

Try our expert cleaning services today. Visit to find out more and make an appointment. You’re guaranteed to be happy with our work5mk>.


At Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc., we lead in hard surface cleaning in St. Joseph, Missouri. Our skilled cleaners bring top-notch results to homes and businesses. Using the latest methods, we promise to make your surfaces look new again.

For any hard surface cleaning job, we’re here to help. Our experts use advanced tools for a thorough cleaning. We keep our prices fair while keeping the quality high. This has made us a favorite in St. Joseph.

Making you happy is our main goal. We go above and beyond to satisfy you. Expect great service and remarkable outcomes when you pick us for your cleaning.

Call us now to book your cleaning. Let our team make your surfaces shine. Your place will look amazing with our help.



What types of surfaces do you clean?

We clean many surfaces like tile and grout. This includes kitchen floors, bathroom tiles, and even office hallways. Our experts know how to clean them all well.

Do you offer cleaning services for both residential and commercial properties?

Yes, we do. Our services cover both homes and businesses. We promise to deliver top-notch cleaning wherever you need it.

How do you ensure the cleanliness and safety of hard surfaces?

At Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc., we use the best methods and green products. These ensure your surfaces are clean and safe. Our team knows the latest ways to clean without harming the surfaces.

Can you customize your cleaning services to meet my specific needs?

Of course! We know every cleaning job is different. So, we tailor our services to meet your exact needs. Whether it’s a one-time service or ongoing, we’ll create a plan that’s just right for you.

How do you ensure customer satisfaction?

Making customers happy is what drives us. We’re dedicated to giving great service that makes you smile. Our careful work and commitment to excellent results have won us the trust of many in St. Joseph, Missouri.

How can I schedule an appointment for your hard surface cleaning services?

It’s simple to book with us. Just give us a call today. Our team is ready to help you find a convenient cleaning time. Let us make your hard surfaces sparkle again.

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