Expert Post Construction Clean Up in St. Joseph MO

Are you a construction company searching for top-notch post-construction clean-up in St. Joseph, MO? Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc is your solution. We provide high-quality cleaning services for construction sites.

Our focus is entirely on post-construction cleanup, setting us apart from general janitors in Missouri. We work closely with construction firms, ensuring we meet their cleanup needs with our skilled teams1.

In Missouri, we have two locations, including one in Columbia, with excellent outreach to clean within 200 miles. This means we can cover a wide area efficiently1.

We’ve successfully completed projects of all sizes, up to $13,870. Our work includes the DSG project in St. Louis, MO. These experiences prove our ability to handle any construction site cleanup1.

The demand for union cleaners is high in places like St. Louis and Kansas City, but we have challenges with union work. Even so, we strive to improve and offer quality final cleanup services for all projects1.

Our past projects reflect our expertise and reliability. Notable works in Missouri include Missouri Baptist – Spartan Village and the Ikea store in St. Louis. These highlight our strong partnerships and skilled services in the state1.

In Missouri, we follow a competitive billing rate of $55 per hour for construction cleaning union standards. Membership in key associations shows our industry commitment and dedication to quality1.

Working with several organizations boosts our service variety and allows us to reach more clients. This demonstrates our continuous effort to grow and improve in the field1.

We’re active in many Missouri cities and have built strong connections with local cleaning companies. This further enriches our services in the area1.

    Key Takeaways:

  • Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc focuses on post-construction cleanup solely for construction firms in St. Joseph, MO1.
  • Their teams and effective planning ensure a thorough and quick clean-up service1.
  • Known projects in Missouri include Missouri Baptist – Spartan Village, the Ikea store, and more1.
  • They have met challenges with union work but work to increase their services1.
  • Partnerships have enhanced their services and broadened their client reach1.

Specialized Construction Site Cleaning Services

Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc. is your go-to for excellent specialized construction site cleaning. We ensure your project is spotlessly clean and professional. Our team’s post-construction cleanup is both efficient and detailed, making your site debris-free and ready to use.

Our service includes removing debris, cleaning surfaces, and disposing of waste. We know the tough challenges of construction sites. Our team has the skills to handle them well.

“Our specialized construction site cleaning services go beyond basic. We meet construction companies’ specific needs. So, your site isn’t just clean; it’s safe and looks good too.”

We use top-notch cleaning tools to clear debris and thoroughly clean every surface. We also care about the environment. That’s why we use Stearns© Green Seal Certified Products for a more sustainable clean.

Quality and customer happiness drive us. Our team is full of dedicated pros, not just anyone, who know how to clean construction sites well.

“Our customized approach and detail represent the best in specialized construction site cleaning.”

We work with all types of industries in St. Joseph, MO, like offices, retail spots, and schools. Our experience in tailored cleaning for commercial properties is vast.

Since 19992, we’ve been known for top-quality commercial cleaning. Our CleanTelligent software means we get and act on feedback fast. So, our service is always improving.

Thorough Site Assessments for Precise Quotes

At Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc, we carefully check what cleaning a project needs. This helps us give good prices and fair deals to our customers. We send our skilled team to the project site. They look at the work needed, how big the project is, the mess around, and any special cleaning needs. Doing this lets us make plans that exactly fit what each project needs.

When we check the site, we think about all the cleaning services that might be needed after building is done. This includes removing debris, cleaning surfaces, and getting rid of waste. Our team knows a lot about cleaning. So, we choose the best and fastest ways to clean, making sure our customers are happy with the results.

We want to give our customers a good deal with our prices and services. We know budgets are important for projects. Our aim is to offer top cleaning services that are also affordable3. By looking at the site good, we can give a fair price. This way, our customers know exactly what they’re paying for.

Looking closely at sites and giving accurate quotes is how we build trust with our customers. Our company stands out because we don’t miss any details. We work hard to meet and even beat what our customers expect3. They know they can rely on us for their after-build cleaning. And we make sure they get great service at the right price.

Broad Experience and Trusted Partnerships

Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc knows a lot about cleaning after construction in Missouri. Our team has finished many projects of all sizes across the state. Notable jobs include the Verizon store in Troy, MO, and the DSG project in St. Louis, MO. These projects prove our skills and strong relationships in the field1.

Notable Projects Location Project Value ($)
Missouri Baptist – Spartan Village Missouri
Scott McKinley Research Building at Washington University St. Louis, MO
Cortona at Forest Park
Ikea store in St. Louis
County Courts St. Louis St. Louis, MO

Our wide experience and successful projects have built strong partnerships in Missouri. We aim to give great service and create lasting client relationships4.

Commitment to Accessibility and Convenience

Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc wants to make life easier for our clients. We are found in St. Louis and Columbia for a good reason1. Our team is well placed to help clients in these big cities. In St. Louis, two of us are always ready to go. For those in Columbia, one person is prepared to travel up to 200 miles. This means we can quickly get to where you need us, like construction sites, with our great cleaning services1.

Being in St. Louis and Columbia lets us share our cleaning skills with more people. We promise to always be there for our clients, no matter where their projects are1.

We have team members in both St. Louis and Columbia. This setup helps us move fast and take care of our clients well. We know how important it is to be easy to reach in the construction world. That’s why our team is happy to go to construction sites to help you efficiently1.

We can go far, reaching beyond St. Louis and Columbia. Our team happily works in other places like Kansas City and Springfield1. This way, we can offer our top-notch cleaning services to more clients with different construction needs.

“At Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc, we are committed to providing accessibility and convenience in our professional post-construction cleaning services.”

Our Commitment to Accessible and Convenient Cleaning Services

We don’t just work in St. Louis and Columbia. We know that construction projects can pop up anywhere in Missouri. So, we have the ability to go to many places such as Independence and St. Joseph1.

Reaching more places is our goal. So, construction companies and contractors can trust us wherever they are working in Missouri. We think getting good cleaning help shouldn’t be a hassle1.

“Our commitment to accessibility and convenience extends beyond St. Louis and Columbia, allowing us to serve clients in major cities across Missouri.”

The Advantage of Convenience in Construction Cleaning

Convenience matters a lot in our cleaning work. When construction sites need to be cleaned up, timing is crucial. Our teams in St. Louis and Columbia are always ready. This ensures we can be there when you need us, making sure things run smoothly1.

One of our team members in Columbia is ready to travel far. This shows our eagerness to make things easy for our clients, even outside St. Louis and Columbia. Be it a new city or a quiet rural place, we aim to reach you on time with our top-notch cleaning services1.

Our aim is to always make things convenient for our clients. We work hard to be easy to reach, no matter where your project is. This way, construction companies can focus on their main work, knowing we’ve got their cleaning needs covered1.

Thanks to our easy access and commitment to the best cleaning, Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc is a top pick in St. Louis, Columbia, and more cities in Missouri. We are here to make sure new buildings are clean and ready for use1.

Seeking Opportunities for Expansion

Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc is always looking for chances to grow. Even though we deal with some union challenges, we are eager to move forward. Currently, we can’t take some jobs because they need union cleaners. This has led to us turning down eight jobs recently. But we want to work harder to offer our top-notch cleaning after construction to more people.

We are a company that helps construction firms clean up after the building is done. We know that our work is needed and we are determined to meet this need. With the current union rate at $55 an hour in Missouri, we know our services are in demand1. We are committed to working more and meeting this demand.

To grow, we’ve teamed up with other cleaning companies and some groups that help with development. This has helped us to use our skills better and reach new customers. Also, we’re working with the Mid-States Minority Supplier Development Council and the Kansas City Business Journal. This helps us make more contacts and do better in Missouri.

We’re focusing on growing in places like Kansas City, St. Louis, and others. These cities give us a big chance to grow and serve more construction firms. We aim to be part of making these cities cleaner and more beautiful.

Despite hurdles with unions, we are determined to get bigger and better. By aiming for growth, we want to be top in providing cleaning after construction. We aim to meet the special needs of construction groups and help them finish projects cleaner.


Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc faces challenges with unions. But this doesn’t stop us from looking for ways to grow. We want to make our top cleaning services available to more construction firms. We’re making friends, building networks, and focusing on key cities in Missouri. We’re sure we can reach our goals and keep offering top services in the building industry.

Statistical Data Reference Number
Construction Clean Partners caters exclusively to construction companies for post-construction cleaning services 1
Union cleaners are in demand for construction cleaning jobs in St. Louis and Kansas City, leading to Construction Clean Partners declining 8 jobs due to union requirements
The construction cleaning union billing rate in Missouri is $55 per hour 1
Construction Clean Partners has established partnerships and networks with cleaning companies, housing authorities, minority development councils, and industry-related organizations in major Missouri cities
The company collaborates with entities like the Mid-States Minority Supplier Development Council and the Kansas City Business Journal in its operations in Missouri
Major cities in Missouri where Construction Clean Partners operates or seeks to expand to include Kansas City, St. Louis, Springfield, Independence, Columbia, Lee’s Summit, O’Fallon, St. Joseph, and St. Charles


At Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc, we shine in expert post-construction clean up. We are the top pick in St. Joseph, MO for making new builds sparkle and be move-in ready. Our detailed site checks help us give accurate project cleaning quotes5..

Our know-how in Missouri’s construction cleaning shows our skills and strong ties with big projects5. We make it easy for our clients by being in St. Louis and Columbia too. This means we can cater to a wide area5.

We’re working hard to break through some challenges, like with union jobs5. Our aim is to be the best in commercial cleaning. Each site we clean gets top treatment, ensuring it passes permits and checks5. We follow all rules closely to offer the best clean-up5.

As we keep growing, our promise to you stays strong. We want to reach more clients and do even more. Trust us for your post-construction cleaning, and see the true difference we make with our skill and care5.


What services does Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc provide?

They clean up after construction. This includes removing debris, cleaning surfaces, and handling construction trash.

How does Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc determine the cleaning needs of a construction project?

They check the construction site very carefully. They note project size, debris amount, and special needs to figure out cleaning requirements accurately.

Can Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc provide competitive quotes for their final cleaning services?

Absolutely. They give detailed quotes after thorough site checks. These quotes match each project’s needs and are competitive in the market.

What notable projects has Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc worked on?

They’ve cleaned places like the Verizon store in Troy, MO, DSG project in St. Louis, and more. Their jobs also include the Missouri Baptist-Spartan Village, Scott McKinley Research Building, Cortona at Forest Park, Ikea in St. Louis, and County Courts St. Louis.

Where does Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc have a presence?

They are in St. Louis and Columbia. With members in both areas, they can cover places up to 200 miles away.

Does Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc have any limitations for union work?

Yes, they do have some limits for union work, which sometimes leads to turning down jobs. Still, they are working hard to grow and meet these challenges.

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