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Do you dream of a clean home but hate all the work? Want to take the cleaning off your to-do list? Then check out Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc. Here, we make homes and offices gleam without you lifting a finger. Our team is all about top-quality cleaning in St. Joseph, MO. We’re experts in making every space shine, from homes to businesses.

Why choose us? Our commitment to the best cleaning service is unmatched. With our team on your side, dirt doesn’t stand a chance.


  • Experience top-rated cleaning services in St. Joseph, MO
  • Trust our team of experts with years of experience ranging from 3 to 24 years1
  • Enjoy customer reviews rating from 4.3 to 5.01
  • Join the Angi customers who recommend our service providers, with figures like 100%, 98%, and 94%1
  • Benefit from our competitive pricing with varying discounts on specific services

Professional Cleaning Services St. Joseph MO – Residential Cleaners

Looking for top-notch cleaning in St. Joseph, MO? Count on Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc. Our skilled team knows how much a tidy home means. We provide various services like dusting and vacuuming.

Want a clean and healthy space? We’ve got you covered. Plus, we always aim to do better than expected.

About professional cleaning in St. Joseph, MO,2 says we’re on the right track. We’ve gotten 15 requests showing we’re trusted and reliable. And 2 folks want quotes for store and desk cleaning.

At Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc, we do more than clean. We believe clean homes make people happier. So, we make sure every spot is spotless for our clients.

Our cleaning services are big hits in St. Joseph, MO,2 notes. People love our deep clean, maid, and moving services. We also offer kitchen and furniture cleaning, meeting different needs.

Fast answers and great service matter to us. We reply within 40 minutes, making sure you get help fast.

Our clients love our care and service, bringing us lots of praise. And, being called the best in Kansas shows we’re on track.

Professional Cleaning Services St. Joseph MO – Commercial Cleaners

Want your business in St. Joseph, MO to shine? Trust Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc. We offer top-notch commercial cleaning services. We make sure your workspace is clean and welcoming for everyone.

Our skilled team can clean all kinds of places, like offices, stores, and medical facilities. We know not every place needs the same cleaning, so we customize our services for you.

Our cleaning services are detailed and careful. We do floor and window cleaning to make everything look good. Plus, we clean restrooms thoroughly to keep them safe and pleasant.3

At Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc, we pay close attention to every cleaning job. Our team uses high-tech CleanTelligent software to get the job done right. This helps us communicate well and avoid any cleaning mistakes.3

We care about our team’s quality of service, so we pay them well. This helps them work better, saving you money in the long run.3

We also focus on health and the environment. We use STEARNS© Green Seal Products, which are safe for the planet and people. This means clean spaces without harming our world.3

For more than 20 years, we’ve been known for great cleaning in St. Joseph, MO. Our clients include offices, stores, and many others. We take pride in our work.3

St. Joseph is a busy city near Kansas City, with lots of growth opportunities. It’s a place where businesses can do well.3

Choosing us means choosing quality. We aim to go beyond your cleaning needs. This leaves a great impression on those who visit your business.

Call us at 816-364-4694 for your cleaning needs. Or, you can visit our website for more info.3

Our Commercial Cleaning Services Include:
Floor cleaning
Window cleaning
Restroom sanitation
Janitorial services
Office cleaning
Retail space cleaning
Medical office cleaning
Bank cleaning
School cleaning
Stadium cleaning

Professional Cleaning Services St. Joseph MO – Upholstery Cleaning

Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc excels at keeping your upholstery clean and fresh in St. Joseph, MO. Got a family heirloom or a favorite sofa? Our team can make it look great again. We do a detailed inspection, pretreat, then clean your upholstery deeply. Quick drying ensures you get amazing results fast. Choose us to refresh your furniture and your home.

Your furniture means a lot to your home’s look, as Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc knows. Our skilled team cleans deeply, getting rid of dirt, stains, and allergens. We use safe, green products so your upholstery stays fine. This deep clean process works on any fabric type without harm.

With lots of experience, we’re the go-to for cleaning in St. Joseph, MO. As a top carpet cleaner in the world, we know our stuff. Customers love how fast their carpets dry and how fresh they smell afterward. Our work on pet stains and odors often gets top marks. Plus, many say their carpets look like new after we’re done.

Need upholstery cleaned in your home or at work? Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc offers services for both. We handle everything, making your life easier. Call us at 816-364-4694 for upholstery cleaning in St. Joseph, MO. See what a difference our cleaning service makes.

Professional Cleaning Services St. Joseph MO – Additional Services

Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc in St. Joseph, MO, offers more than just basic cleaning. They provide various extra services to meet different cleaning needs. Their skilled professionals use the latest tools and methods to give top-notch results. This means everything from carpets and rugs to tiles and grout gets a thorough cleaning. Whether you want a deep clean once or need regular upkeep, they’ve got you covered. Their services will make your place look and feel fresh and healthy every time2.

Here are a few of the extra services you can get from Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc:

Service Description
Carpet and Rug Cleaning They use advanced techniques to make your carpets and rugs look and smell fresh4.
Tile and Grout Cleaning They clean tiles and the grout in between to get rid of dirt, grime, and stains4.
Window Cleaning Get professional window cleaning to make your space brighter and clearer5.
Upholstery Cleaning They offer effective upholstery cleaning to remove stains, smells, and allergens2.

For both homes and businesses, Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc is the place to go. Their experts can handle a large range of cleaning tasks. They really focus on getting the details right and making sure you’re satisfied. They use the best methods and products for their cleaning. You can fully trust your space is getting the best treatment2.

So, try out Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc’s full cleaning services. Make your environment in St. Joseph, MO, cleaner and healthier than ever.


Looking for top cleaning services in St. Joseph, MO? Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc is your best pick. Our dedicated team ensures your place is spotless and fresh, whether it’s a home or business. You’ll love the clean and healthy space we provide. Call us at 18163646900 or check out our site today.

We offer a variety of cleaning services tailored to your needs. Get a cost estimate for our local Tax Professionals6 services or try our online Family Counseling and Supportive Therapy6. Need help with Apple Macs or setting up a Cloud? We can handle that too. Plus, we can connect you with Accountants, Attorneys, and more to make your life easier6.

Choosing us means choosing professional and knowledgeable service. Our team is praised for being punctual and skilled from start to finish7. We focus on what you need and never sell you things you don’t. Our all-in-one approach covers everything from HVAC to electrical jobs7. You’ll love getting updates via text and seeing who’s coming to help7. We’re all about excellent, quick, and trustworthy service7.

Pick Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc for top-notch cleaning in St. Joseph, MO. We give you cleanliness and health in your space. Call 18163646900 or go to to see what we can do for you.


What services does Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc offer?

Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc has many services. They clean homes and businesses. They also do upholstery, carpet, rug, tile, grout, and window cleaning.

How can I contact Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc?

You can call them at 816-364-4694. Or, you can visit to find more info.

Are the cleaners at Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc experienced and reliable?

Yes, they are skilled and trustworthy. They will give you great service. Many customers praise their work.

Can Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc handle both residential and commercial cleaning?

They sure can. Their team is ready to clean homes and offices. They know how to meet your cleaning needs.

Does Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc provide upholstery cleaning?

They do. They offer top-notch upholstery cleaning. From family couches to special chairs, they’ll make them look like new.

What additional services does Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc offer?

Besides their main services, they also clean carpets, rugs, tiles, grout, and windows. This gives your space a thorough cleaning.

How often should I schedule cleaning services with Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc?

Their cleaning schedule depends on what you need. You can set up a one-time cleaning. Or, have them keep your place spotless regularly.

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