Commercial Cleaning Services in St. Joseph, Missouri

Looking for top-notch commercial cleaning services in St. Joseph, Missouri? You’re at the right place. Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc offers high-quality cleaning for businesses in the area and nearby places.

Our team knows a clean environment is key for any business. We ensure your place looks its best. We focus on every detail to give you great results.

Need your office cleaned or floors polished? We offer various services, including janitorial work and cleaning floors. Whether you need a daily clean or a big scrub, we’ve got you covered.

We’re licensed, insured, and earn top marks from the Better Business Bureau. We’re also part of the St. Joseph Chamber of Commerce. Our happy customers have given us 5-star reviews online1. From October 2022 to May 2023, our reviews show we keep our quality high1.

What makes us different is our quest for perfection. Our team is skilled and uses the best tools and products. With us, any space gets a safe and thorough clean2.

St. Joseph is bustling with about 80,000 residents and lots of businesses. We know how to clean all types of places, from schools to stadiums2. We tailor our services to fit each client’s needs.

Our services don’t just stop at regular cleaning. We also handle tough jobs like deep carpet cleaning. No matter what you need, trust us to do it right3.

At Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc, we’re always ready to help, 24/7. We focus on keeping our clients happy and their spaces clean. You can count on us for great work and lasting relationships1.

So, pick Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc for all your cleaning needs in St. Joseph, Missouri. We’re known for our quality, customer care, and range of services. Trust us for a sparkling clean space.

Key Takeaways:

  • Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc is a reputable commercial cleaning company in St. Joseph, Missouri, offering high-quality and tailored cleaning solutions1.
  • The company provides a range of comprehensive commercial cleaning services, including professional office cleaning, commercial janitorial services, and commercial floor cleaning1.
  • With a team of experienced cleaners, Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc prioritizes attention to detail and customer satisfaction1.
  • They are accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and a proud member of the St. Joseph Chamber of Commerce1.
  • Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc has received excellent reviews from satisfied customers, with 5-star ratings on Google and Facebook1.
  • The company is capable of cleaning facilities ranging from small offices to large commercial buildings2.
  • They serve a variety of industries in St. Joseph, Missouri, including office buildings, retail centers, banks, medical offices, schools, stadiums, and more2.
  • Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc offers specialty cleaning services, including emergency commercial cleaning, carpet and upholstery cleaning, and ceiling, floor, and wall cleaning3.
  • The company is committed to customer satisfaction and provides 24/7 assistance for cleaning emergencies3.

Reliable and Efficient Office Cleaning Solutions

At Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc, we focus on outstanding office cleaning services. We aim to make your office not just clean but also healthy. This affects your team and customers in a good way, boosting both work and happiness.

We work with you closely to make sure our cleaning fits your office perfectly. We understand every office has its own needs. So, we adjust our cleaning to meet all those needs.

We pay extra attention to make sure every part of your office is clean and germ-free. We clean deep, not just the surfaces. This means we focus on key areas, clean restrooms, and keep the front area tidy.

Having a clean office makes a huge difference in how professional and inviting it feels. We use top-notch cleaning gear and safe products, like STEARNS© Green Seal Certified ones2, which are good for the earth too.

Our cleaning team is well-trained and fully skilled. We think great cleaning comes from great people. So, we keep our team educated so they can always bring you the best in cleaning services.2

We’re happy to serve many places in St. Joseph, Missouri, from offices to stadiums2. Each industry has its own cleaning needs, and we’re dedicated to meeting them all.

Doing this work since 19992 means we’ve seen and cleaned it all. No space is too big or complex for us. We ensure your office is beautifully clean and work-ready every day.

Making our customers happy is what we’re all about. We promise you’ll love our cleaning services. Choose us and experience top-notch cleaning and care for your space. Contact us today to learn more!2

Comprehensive Commercial Property Cleaning Services

When you want your commercial property to look its best, it’s key to find the right industrial cleaning company. At Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc, we’re experts in this field. Based in St. Joseph, Missouri, we offer top-notch services for all your cleaning needs.

We tackle spaces of all sizes, from little offices to big buildings. Each area is cleaned based on what it needs. Our aim is to make sure your whole property shines, from top to bottom.

Our services include cleaning many areas:

  • Floors: We’re skilled in cleaning carpets, tiles, and hardwood using advanced tools.
  • Walls: We make walls look perfect, without any smudges.
  • Windows: Enjoy a bright, clear view with our window-cleaning service.
  • Desks and Surfaces: We keep work areas germ-free by sanitizing desks and counters.
  • Bathrooms: Leave the dirty work to us. We’ll make your restrooms sparkling clean.

Our team is great at getting rid of dirt, dust, and more. We want to make your business place not just clean, but also inviting and professional.

Based in St. Joseph, Missouri, we serve various businesses. From offices and stores to schools and stadiums, we’ve seen it all. Our skills match the unique cleaning needs of different places.

We’re known for getting the job done right and fast. We aim to please, responding quickly to your cleaning needs. Our carpet cleaning service usually picks up in about 10 minutes. If you need something deeper, we can be there in about 6 hours. For urgent cleanouts, we respond in about 40 minutes on average.

With our commercial cleaning services, you’re in good hands. Our team takes pride in every detail, promising a spotless place. We aim to go above and beyond, giving you a fresh and tidy space for your team and visitors.

Ready to experience our top-quality cleaning solutions? Get in touch for a quote. Let us handle all your cleaning requests.

Statistic Value
Commercial cleaning service requests in St. Joseph, Missouri 15
Whole house cleaning service requests in the area 24
Requests for cleaning services as a gift to parents 44
Average response time for carpet cleaning service 10 minutes
Average response time for deep cleaning service 6 hours
Average response time for desk cleaning service 40 minutes
Requests for cleanout service 13
Requests for initial quote to cleaning service 7
Requests expressing satisfaction with finding an awesome cleaning service 6
Requests for carpet cleaning 2
Average response time for whole house cleaning service 1 hour
Response time of KC Cleaners focusing on cleanouts 30 minutes

Statistics reference:4

Experienced and Knowledgeable Team

Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc is proud of our experienced and knowledgeable team. They are all about offering top-notch cleaning services. Our staff trains hard to be ready for any cleaning job. They handle commercial floor cleaning, professional office cleaning, and more. You can count on our team for great results.

We always keep up with the newest cleaning methods and tools. This helps us give you fast and deep cleaning. Using the latest technologies, we make sure our work is excellent and professional.

Choosing us means picking an industrial cleaning company that aims for the best results. Our skilled team pays close attention to every job. This makes sure all places, from offices to big business areas, stay really clean.

We mix our skilled team with the best cleaning methods and tech. This combo lets us go beyond what you expect. So, with Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc, your cleaning needs are in good hands.


Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

At Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc, we put your satisfaction first. We know businesses need cleaning that’s reliable and effective. That’s why we focus on understanding and meeting our client’s specific needs.

Our goal is to make sure you’re happy with our services. We’ve gotten top marks in Google reviews from November 2022 to May 2023. And our Facebook page shows lots of love from our happy customers1.

“I-SHINE provides deep cleaning services that truly impress. Their attention to detail and professionalism are unmatched. We highly recommend their business cleaning services!” – Client Testimonial1

Trust and quality service are key parts of what we do. Our happy clients often recommend us to others. It shows the trust they have in our commercial janitorial services1. We’re here to help you keep a clean, healthy, and productive workspace.

We’re known for being reliable, professional, and detail-oriented. We work hard to meet and surpass your cleaning goals in the commercial cleaning industry1. Let us show you what we can do for your business.

Client Feedback Source
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Positive feedback on Facebook I-SHINE website
Testimonials expressing satisfaction with deep cleaning services I-SHINE website
Customer recommendations and referrals I-SHINE website
Commitment to customer satisfaction in maintaining a clean and sanitized work environment I-SHINE website
Consistent praise for reliability, professionalism, and attention to detail I-SHINE website


Looking for top-notch commercial cleaning in St. Joseph, Missouri? Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc. is your answer. We’re chosen by many businesses for our wide services, skilled team, and focus on making clients happy.

Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc. offers many cleaning solutions. Need your office, property, or floors cleaned? Our experts are ready to give you excellent results.

Our team is dedicated to making you happy. We pay close attention to detail to ensure a clean and healthy place to work. With our advanced methods, we can remove almost all allergens from your furniture6.

Make your business shine with our help. Contact us at (816) 271-5330 to see how our expert cleaning makes a difference. Count on us to exceed your cleaning expectations7.


What services does Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc provide?

They offer top-notch cleanings for your business. This includes office, janitorial, and floor services.

Where is Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc located?

You’ll find them at 5906 N Belt Hwy, St Joseph, MO 64506.

Is Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc licensed and insured?

Absolutely, they are a fully licensed and covered company.

Are they accredited with any organizations?

Indeed, they are proud members of the BBB and the St. Joseph Chamber of Commerce.

How experienced is the cleaning team at Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc?

They’re a skilled team. Each member is well-trained for top-notch service.

Can Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc tailor their services to meet the unique needs of my office?

Yes, they work directly with you to meet your office’s unique needs.

Does Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc handle all sizes of commercial properties?

For sure, they can clean any size office or building, big or small.

What cleaning techniques and technologies does Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc use?

They use the latest in cleaning tech for a deep clean every time.

Does Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc guarantee customer satisfaction?

Indeed, they promise to make you happy by going above and beyond.

How can I contact Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc for their commercial cleaning services?

You can reach them at 5906 N Belt Hwy, St Joseph, MO 64506, or call [phone number].

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