Concrete Floor Polishing

We offer diamond polishing of sealed concrete floors. IICRC trained and on the job training through my company.

What is Hard Surface Care?

Polished concrete is the best no-wax flooring option. Concrete polishing contractors have the experience and equipment to grind concrete surfaces to high gloss. Concrete floors are known for their superior durability and performance. This is why concrete polishing contractors can grind concrete surfaces to a high-gloss finish.

To gradually smoothen a concrete surface, heavy-duty machines are used. This is similar to sanding wooden. Learn more about polished concrete and how to polish it.

With proper preparation, almost any concrete floor can be polished. There are exceptions. Find out how to determine if your floor is suitable for polishing.

Concrete Flooring

Polished concrete’s reflective, smooth surface allows for a wide range of color and scoring options with our concrete mix per square foot. Most popular for polishing existing concrete is staining and dyeing.

Polishing is a multi-step process. You can choose the sheen level that suits your aesthetic and maintenance needs. Polished concrete is an excellent flooring material that can be used for many purposes.

Although polished concrete floors look like glass, they are perfectly safe to walk on if kept dry and clean. They are also less slippery than polished marble or waxed linoleum. Preventing slip-and fall accidents in public places with high foot traffic is a priority.

Make a Great First Impression

Polishing concrete floors requires expertise. You will need to use specialized machines with diamond-impregnated discs which gradually grind the surfaces to the desired level of shine and smoothness. This project is not for the DIYer. It requires a lot of skill and investment. To do the job, you will need to hire a concrete polishing contractor.

Wet polishing uses water for cooling the diamond abrasives. It also eliminates grinding dust. Water reduces friction and acts like a lubricant. This increases the life expectancy of polishing abrasives. The downside to the wet process? Crews have to collect and dispose off the slurry, which can slow down productivity.

No water is required for dry polishing. Contractors instead use dust-containment machines that remove virtually all the mess. Dry polishing is typically used to grind the concrete. The surface becomes smoother and the crews move from the metal-bonded to finer resin-bonded diamond abrasive abrasives. Eventually, they switch to wet polishing. Some manufacturers have developed resin-bonded disks which can withstand the friction of dry polishing.


Polished concrete floors have a shiny, mirror-like appearance. There are many design possibilities for polished concrete. Concrete can be made in almost any color. You can also make patterns using saw cuts or embed interesting objects or aggregates into it before polishing. Different levels of concrete polishing can be used to control the reflectivity of your floor. Because it is easy to maintain, polished concrete is very popular in commercial buildings. Polished floors require dust mopping and the occasional application of a cleaning product.

We are available to help you if your area. Anyone with a concrete polishing job can get free, no obligation quotes. Our clients are happy customers.

How to Polish Concrete Floors

Polishing concrete is akin to sanding wooden surfaces. To achieve the desired level of shine and smoothness, heavy-duty polishing machines are equipped with finer grits or disks that have been diamond-impregnated.

The Polishing Process begins with coarse diamond segments that are bonded to a metallic matrix. These segments can be used to remove small blemishes or stains from the floor, and prepare for final smoothing. This initial rough grinding can take three to four steps depending on the concrete condition.

Next, fine grinding the concrete surface is done using diamond abrasives embedded into a resin or plastic matrix. The floor is polished using ever-finer grits of polishing discs (a process known as lapping). A final grit of 1500 and finer can be used for a high-gloss floor. Experienced polishing crews can tell when to switch to the next-finer grit by looking at the floor and how much material is being removed.

Excellent Choice For Venues, Churches, Retail Stores, And Stadiums.

For many establishments, polished concrete is durable and economical. Because of its sleek appearance, polished concrete is an excellent choice for venues, churches, retail stores, and stadiums. Contact us today to get polished concrete floors in St. Joseph MO.

Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc. offers commercial floor polishing in addition to other cleaning services.

Contact us if you are in the St. joseph area region and looking for a concrete polishing business that does the job right, is honest, and offers the best prices in the area. For any concrete polishing project, we offer free, no-obligation estimates.


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