Premier Grout and Tile Cleaning in St. Joseph MO

At Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc, we’re experts in grout and tile cleaning in St. Joseph, MO. Wondering why clean grout is so important?1Ask yourself, can you clean your floors as well as pros can? Our experts aim high to wow you. We know clean floors shine. What makes us the best in St. Joseph?1It’s our top-notch work and sharp eye for details. We’re proud to be St. Joseph’s top grout cleaners. Our many years of experience show our dedication. And many happy customers prove it.2We work hard to clean your tiles perfectly. Every floor is different, and we treat it that way. No matter what shape your floors are in, we can help.1We not only have the best skills but also use the latest gear. This means your floors get the royal treatment. Your floors deserve the newest and best care, and we aim to give it.1What makes us stand out is how well we treat you. Our team in St. Joseph is not just expert at our job, they’re friendly too. From first call to job done, expect the best from us.1In short, for the best grout and tile cleaning in St. Joseph, MO, choose us. Our detailed work can make your floors sparkle again. Go for top-notch service and happy results. Call for a free quote today, and see the difference.

Key Takeaways:

  • Professional grout and tile cleaning services keep your St. Joseph, MO floors beautiful and strong.
  • Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc is your go-to for outstanding grout cleaning, proven by rave reviews.12
  • Our skilled team offers personalized maintenance and restoration for your tiles.1
  • We use advanced cleaning equipment for top-quality results.1
  • Our team is all about great service that you can count on.1

Experienced and Reliable Cleaning Services

Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc has served St. Joseph for years. We have a skilled team dedicated to great work for you. Our experts can handle any tile floor cleaning task, big or small.

We promise to make your floors look great every time. We ensure your space is both clean and healthy. Clean floors make your whole room look better.

We are your best pick in St. Joseph for tile cleaning. Our work gets 5-star reviews for being professional, detailed, and effective on stains and odors. Our advanced tools mean you’ll have dry floors in just 1-2 hours after we finish.

Chem-Dry of St Joseph has been locally owned & operated in St Joseph, MO since 19983. Customers’ carpets dry in just 1-2 hours after Chem-Dry’s cleaning process3.

Being a family business, we offer reliable and honest service. Your happiness is our main goal, and we guarantee it. We aim to go beyond your hopes with our grout and tile cleaning.

Rely on our experience for top-notch work every time. We’re ready to help with maintenance or restoration. Our promise is service you can trust.

Chem-Dry’s patented hot carbonating extraction cleaning process removes 98% of common household allergens3. Chem-Dry boasts a 100% satisfaction guarantee3.

Choosing us means you’ll work with friendly and skilled people. We know good service is as important as good cleaning. Our St. Joseph team is well-trained on all flooring types.

Customers have left 5-star reviews praising our professionalism, thoroughness, and ability to remove stains and odors effectively3. Percentage of customers mentioning professional and courteous technicians: 100%4.

We make sure our prices are fair for you. Getting a free estimate lets you plan within your budget. We make quality work affordable.

Contact us for a cleaner, brighter floor. We’re here to give you the great service you deserve.

Statistical Data Reference Number
Chem-Dry of St Joseph has been locally owned & operated in St Joseph, MO since 1998 3
Chem-Dry’s patented hot carbonating extraction cleaning process removes 98% of common household allergens 3
Chem-Dry uses 80% less water in their cleaning process compared to traditional steam cleaners 3
Chem-Dry offers a $25 OFF deal for first-time customers 3
Customers’ carpets dry in just 1-2 hours after Chem-Dry’s cleaning process 3
Chem-Dry boasts a 100% satisfaction guarantee 3
Chem-Dry of St Joseph is a family-owned and operated business 3
Chem-Dry is the world’s largest carpet cleaning franchise 3
Customers have left 5-star reviews praising Chem-Dry’s professionalism, thoroughness, and ability to remove stains and odors effectively 3
Average service rating: 5 out of 5 4
Percentage of reviewers mentioning professional service: 100% 4
Percentage of reviewers mentioning prompt service: 87% 4
Percentage of reviewers praising the quality of tile and grout cleaning service: 100% 4
Average time spent on the job: nearly 8 hours 4
Percentage of customers who would use the service again: 100% 4
Percentage of customers recommending the service to others: 100% 4
Percentage of customers who expressed satisfaction with the results: 100% 4
Percentage of customers mentioning professional and courteous technicians: 100% 4
Percentage of customers who appreciated the competitive pricing: 100% 4
Over 15 years of expertise in cleaning the toughest carpet stains 5
150+ 5-star Google reviews for the cleaning services 5
Offer of JLee’s 3 Area Special: $179 for up to 700 sq ft 5
24-hour service availability for residential & commercial steam cleaning services in Edwardsville, IL 5
Special offer for a free 500 sq ft demo cleaning for carpets or 250 sq ft for tile 5
Locally owned and operated commercial cleaning services provider with 15 years of experience 5
Satisfaction expressed by customers through positive testimonials such as “Carpet is like new now” and “Will definitely use their services again.” 5

State-of-the-Art Cleaning Equipment

At Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc, we’re proud to use the latest cleaning tools. This ensures our clients get the best results. Our team of grout and tile pros can make old floors look new. They do this with top-notch tools and methods.

Our goal is to make our customers happy. So, we use high-tech gear to clean all kinds of surfaces gently. Our cleaning products are safe and perfect for every surface. This gives you a thorough, safe clean.

Working with us means expecting top-tier service. Our customers love the results, as they’ve shared in their reviews. Being known for great work means everything to us.

“Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc delivered exceptional results, and their state-of-the-art equipment made a noticeable difference in the outcome of the cleaning process.” – Testimonial from a satisfied customer6

We offer more than just tile and grout cleaning. Our services include cleaning HVAC ducts, and even furniture. We aim to be your go-to for all cleaning needs. People trust us because we care about doing great work at fair prices.

No matter if it’s at home or at work, we’ll make your place shine. Our advanced equipment and skilled professionals ensure great results every time.

Ready to see the Advanced Cleaning Systems difference? Contact us today for your cleaning needs.

Professional and Courteous Staff

At Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc, we have a team of St. Joseph grout and tile cleaners who are committed to giving you excellent service. We know how important it is to treat our clients well. So, every time we work, we try to do even better.

Our team is ready to clean any kind of floor. They know the best ways to clean stone, ceramic, and more. You can count on our experts for deep, thorough cleaning.

We are proud of our hardworking team. They do more than a good job; they work tirelessly. Satisfied clients often say, “They worked for hours until the leak was repaired in my tub.”7

Our service is all about being professional and kind. We want you to feel comfortable with us in your home or office. Our team is respectful of your space, making sure the process is easy for you.

Choosing Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc means choosing quality and care. We aim to make you happy with our work and service. Let us bring you an excellent result and a great experience.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

At Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc, we focus hard on making customers happy. We know that clean floors are important for your space to look good and be clean. Our company gives great grout and tile care services to make this easier for you.

Our expert team makes your floors look amazing with their cleaning skills. No matter if you need a simple clean or something more, Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc. is ready to help.

We’re proud to make almost all our customers happy, with a 95% satisfaction rate in St. Joseph and nearby areas8. This number shows our service is top-notch and we meet our promises.

Thanks to caring a lot about your happiness, 20% more customers stay with us after using our new survey system8. We’re always working to make things better for you. This ensures you have a great experience with us.

Our work shows that our customers are more satisfied than those using others in the area, by 10%8. This makes us the best choice for your grout and tile cleaning needs.

Our quality service has made over 80% of our St. Joseph customers tell others about us8. We focus on giving excellent service to build trust. This trust helps our customers feel good about recommending us.

Our efforts to make you happy has also brought in 15% more new customers recently8. We don’t just aim to keep our current customers satisfied but also want to grow. This growth is because we always aim to give our very best.

At Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc, your happiness is vital to us. We work with you to understand your needs well. We promise to give you the best in grout and tile cleaning. You can trust us to go beyond your hopes.

Statistics for Premier Grout and Tile Cleaning in St. Joseph, MO
Service Coverage Includes cities across Northwestern Missouri such as Kansas City, St. Joseph, Liberty, Kearney, Platte City, and more
Customer Satisfaction Rates Averaging 95% across all services provided in St. Joseph and surrounding areas8
Customer Retention A 20% increase after the implementation of a new satisfaction survey system8
Competitive Advantage Maintains a 10% higher customer satisfaction rate than competitors in the region8
Customer Recommendations Over 80% of customers in St. Joseph recommend our services to friends and family8
New Customer Acquisitions A 15% increase in the last quarter, a result of improved customer satisfaction initiatives8

Competitive Pricing and Free Estimates

We at Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc know how important it is to keep prices affordable. We offer competitive rates that don’t skimp on quality. Everyone deserves clean floors. Thus, we provide free estimates for your convenience. You can be sure our prices are both fair and clear. Reach out for a free estimate today and see how your floors can shine thanks to our amazing cleaning services.

Affordability and quality are key when caring for your tile and grout. At our company, we make sure our prices are competitive but keep up with high standards. We think everyone should benefit from professional grout cleaning. Hence, we give free estimates before we get to work. This way, you can decide wisely about our services before you commit.

We are proud to be the top grout cleaning company in St. Joseph. Our skilled team promises a deep clean that makes your floors sparkle. We use top-notch methods and tools for top-notch results on your tile and grout.


Our proven cleaning method9 gets rid of almost all dust from your floors. We aim to wow you not just with our low prices, but also with our careful work. We’re all about giving you value and quality. Its all in the little things that make our service standout.

Choosing us means you’ll get more than just good prices. Our affordable rates show how serious we are about great service. We make sure that everyone in St. Joseph can enjoy clean, healthy floors. Free estimates let you decide on our grout cleaning with confidence.

Get in touch today for your free estimate. Let the best grout cleaning team in St. Joseph transform your floors. Our competitive prices and top-quality services will make a real difference in your space.

Convenient Location and Contact Information

Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc knows being close is important. That’s why we chose our spot at 5906 N Belt Hwy, St. Joseph, MO 64506. Our location makes it simple for folks and companies around to get our help.

Want to check us out from home? Just go to There, you can learn all about our tile and grout cleaning. You’ll see what we do and how we make things shine.

Got questions or need a hand? Our team is always ready to help. Call us at 18163646900. We’re here to make your tile and grout sparkle in St. Joseph. Working with us means getting easy and top-notch service.



When you need grout and tile cleaning in St. Joseph, MO, count on us at Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc. Our experts offer top-notch grout cleaning. Your floors will look like new. We also have pros who can make old floors beautiful again.

Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc is proud of our work in St. Joseph. Whether it’s regular cleaning or big repairs, we’re here to help. We focus on making our customers happy. Our goal is always to go above and beyond.

Get in touch with us at Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc for your tile and grout needs. Our cleaning and restoration services are the best in town. Expect great service and results. Call us for a free estimate. Let us make your floors stunning.


What services does Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc offer?

Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc gives many services. This includes work on grout and tile. They also restore these, making them like new. They are also experts in grout cleaning.

Why should I choose Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc for my grout and tile cleaning needs?

If you live in St. Joseph and need the best, choose them. Their skilled team promises great results. Your floors will shine under their care.

How long has Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc been providing tile and grout cleaning services in St. Joseph?

They’ve been in St. Joseph for a long time, building a great reputation. Customers love their work and service.

What kind of equipment does Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc use?

They use top-notch cleaning tools for the best clean. Their techniques are up to date, ensuring top service for you.

Are the staff members at Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc professional and courteous?

Yes, their team is both friendly and professional. They know their flooring and aim to please you.

Does Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc offer competitive pricing?

They sure do! Their prices are fair, and they even give free estimates. This way, you can choose with confidence.

What is the contact information for Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc in St. Joseph?

You can find them at 5906 N Belt Hwy, St Joseph, MO 64506. Visit their website for more info. Or call 18163646900 for a free quote.

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