Expert Hard Floor Care Services in St. Joseph MO

Need top-notch cleaning for your floors in St. Joseph, MO? Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc is your choice. You can find us at 5906 N Belt Hwy. We’re your local experts for all things hard floor care.

At our company, we do the best hard floor care. This includes cleaning tiles and grout, restoring floors, and keeping vinyl floors looking great. Our team has years of experience and is dedicated to delivering the best results. We make sure your floors are shining and clean.

Why pick us in St. Joseph for your hard floor service? Here are some reasons:

  • Our method is budget-friendly and better than sanding1.
  • We finish in one day, saving you time1.
  • Customers love our work because it’s fast and high-quality1.
  • We’re green certified, so it’s safe for your family and pets1.
  • No dust makes cleaning up easy for you1.
  • Many happy customers from different places show our broad satisfaction1.
  • We’re in many locations, so our service is widely available1.
  • Refinishing floors takes just a few hours with us, a sign of our speed1.
  • We keep smells low to make your experience better1.
  • We promise great results without any mess, showing our quality focus1.

Don’t settle for poor floor services. Choose Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc. in St. Joseph. We offer great service that’s affordable and dependable. Call us today and see how we can meet and beat your needs.

Key Takeaways:

  • Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc gives expert care for hard floors in St. Joseph, MO. We do everything from cleaning to maintaining floors beautifully.
  • Our services are good for your budget and done fast. Our happy customers say we’re the best.
  • We care about the environment and your health. That’s why our service is safe and has no dust.
  • With locations in the US and Canada, we’re everywhere. We focus on fast and great results with no trouble for you.
  • Trust Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc for all you need in St. Joseph, MO. See the difference with our skilled service.

Commercial Floor Cleaning Services in St. Joseph MO

Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc knows how a clean floor is a must in business. We are experts in floor care in St. Joseph, MO. With our top-level services, businesses shine.

Our experts can clean all kinds of floors like tile, vinyl, and hardwood. We make sure offices, restaurants, and stores look inviting. Clean floors mean a better business image.

Detail and professionalism are what we stand for. St. Joseph’s businesses choose us for top-notch floor cleaning. We check, vacuum, and use special cleaners like Oxi Stone Cleaner. Our advanced OF2000 machine gets the job done right.

We also offer a special floor protectant after a cleaning. This keeps the floor looking good for months.

Speed and quality are our focus in tile and grout cleaning. We aim to work with your business schedule. Our fast service is always top quality.

Our prices are fair and include great deals. We give discounts on multiple rooms and upholstery cleaning. We make professional cleaning affordable for all businesses.

If you need a St. Joseph floor expert, call Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc. Reach us at 816-364-4694 for a skilled team.

Statistical data from reference2: St. Joseph, MO is mentioned as the location for the tile and grout cleaning services. The company offering the service, Oxi Fresh, provides a Scheduling Center contact number: 816-364-4694. Various cleaning steps are outlined in the provided text, including inspections, vacuuming, use of specific cleaning solutions like Oxi Stone Cleaner, and utilizing the OF2000 cleaning machine. Optional protectant application post-cleaning is also mentioned, which can help maintain the tile floor for months. Oxi Fresh highlights that their tile and grout cleaning service is fast and efficient. The company emphasizes competitive pricing for their cleaning services. Special offers include discounts such as 5% off of 2 rooms, 10% off of 5 rooms, and 5% off upholstery cleaning for Chair and Sofa.

Residential Hard Surface Cleaning in St. Joseph MO

We also clean hard surfaces at homes in St. Joseph, MO. Homeowners love clean floors. So, we take care in cleaning residential floors.

Our team knows a lot about cleaning hard surfaces. They clean things like tile, vinyl, and more. We think clean floors make a home look better.

We can clean or fix floors really well. With special tools and safe cleaners, we make homes look great again. This makes the floors look their best.

“At Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc, we aim to clean your floors amazingly. Our skilled team makes sure your floors are not just clean, but also stay shiny.”

Our pros clean all kinds of floors, like epoxy and granite. We have over 50 years of experience. This means we can handle any kind of floor.

We care a lot about making customers happy. That’s why we provide top-notch cleaning. We use the best methods to keep floors pretty and strong.

Need floor cleaning in St. Joseph, MO? Our team is ready to help. Call us for the best in home hard surface cleaning. You’ll love what we can do for your floors.3

Our Residential Hard Surface Cleaning Services:
1. Tile and grout cleaning
2. Vinyl floor maintenance
3. Epoxy floor cleaning
4. Marble and granite cleaning
5. Laminate floor care
6. Stainless steel cleaning
7. Concrete floor restoration
8. Stone floor maintenance

Floor Restoration in St. Joseph MO

Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc leads in restoring floors in St. Joseph, MO. Floors can look dull, damaged, or old over time. Our experts use top-notch methods and tools to make floors look new again.

From hardwood to tile, we handle any floor type. We clean and fix stains, scratches, and more. This gives your floors a bright, new look. Our reliable service always goes above what you expect.

Each floor needs special care. We check your floors carefully and make a custom plan for their needs. Our aim is to do work that wows you.

Refinishing hardwood floors usually takes three to five days. This time lets our team deeply clean, fix, and refinish your floors. We work to the highest quality, so your floors stay beautiful for a long time.

“The average cost for hardwood floor refinishing in Saint Joseph, MO ranges from $300 to $1,500 per room”4. Refinishing hardwood floors for 1282 square feet in Saint Joseph costs about $3,758.484. In this area, refinishing costs about $3.13 per square foot on average4. Prices can change based on the type of hardwood and the areas being done, from hundreds to thousands per room4.

Restoring your floor doesn’t just look great, it boosts your home’s value in St. Joseph. A professionally restored hardwood floor can increase a home’s value by $2,5074. It’s a smart move for homeowners wanting to up their property’s attractiveness and chance to sell.

As the go-to for floor restoration in St. Joseph, we’re all about great work and happy customers. Our skilled experts bring new life to your floors with top service.

Want to restore your floors? Call us for the right price and details. We offer many services to fit what your floors need. Our goal is to give your floors the best care possible.

Vinyl Floor Maintenance in St. Joseph MO

Vinyl floors are a top pick for many in St. Joseph, Missouri. They’re known for their strength and easy upkeep. Our company, Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc, is dedicated to keeping vinyl floors looking their best. We offer services that help maintain their shine and toughness.

Our skilled team knows how to clean vinyl floors well. We use special tools and products to keep them clean, shiny, and protected. Whether it’s regular cleaning or a deep clean, we’ve got you covered. Our services are made to fit each floor’s unique needs.

Choosing us means your floors are in good hands. With years of experience, we are the experts in professional hard floor care in St. Joseph MO.

Our happy customers recommend us, which we’re very proud of. In fact,5. This shows our dedication to great work and making sure you’re happy.

We don’t just clean – we also share tips on how to keep your floors nice between cleanings. Got a question about caring for your floors? We’re here to help.

For top-notch vinyl floor care in St. Joseph, turn to us at Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc. We use our know-how, the best tech, and the latest practices to give you great service. It keeps your floors in great shape without breaking the bank.

Thinking about getting your vinyl floors serviced? Give us a call or visit our website. Let us assist in making your floors stay beautiful and durable.


Looking for hard floor care in St. Joseph, MO? Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc. is your go-to. We’re the trusted experts in St. Joseph for floor care. Our affordable solutions always impress our customers.

Our team is ready for any job. Whether it’s commercial or residential, we can handle it. We know clean floors matter, and we provide the best service out there.

Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc. values expertise and customer happiness. We offer budget-friendly floor care that keeps your floors shining. For the best in St. Joseph, MO, hard floor care, contact us today.



What types of flooring maintenance services do you offer?

We do a lot for floors like cleaning, restoring, and fixing tile and grout. We also take care of vinyl floors.

Do you provide commercial floor cleaning services?

Yes, we’re great at cleaning floors in big places. This includes tile, vinyl, and wood in places like offices, eateries, and shops.

Can you clean and restore hard surfaces in residential homes?

You bet! We clean and fix hard surfaces at people’s homes in St. Joseph, MO. This means we do tile, grout, and vinyl floors to keep them nice.

Do you offer floor restoration services?

Yes, we’re pros at making floors look new again. We get rid of stains and fix big or little issues to make floors sparkle.

How can you help with vinyl floor maintenance?

Keeping vinyl floors nice is our thing. We clean, polish, and protect them, so they stay pretty and strong for a long time.

Why should I choose Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc for my hard floor care needs?

We know floors and do great work in St. Joseph. Our deals are good, we clean floors well, and we always put our customers first. That’s why people trust us with their floors in St. Joseph, MO.

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