Hard Surface Floor Care

We offer Hard Surface Floor Care and high speed maintenance programs for the “wet look” shine. Our techs are IICRC trained and our equipment is state of the art. We have propane and electric equipment and no job is too large or small! We strip, seal and refinish (wax) tile floors and we do it right! Quarry Tile, VCT, Linoleum and various Stone tile floors.

Hard Surface Floor Care

Commercial Vinyl Floor Cleaning and Maintenance

Have a look at your hard-surface floors. Are they shining like they used too? Are there scratches or scuffs on the walkways? What was the last time they were like new?

Your building’s overall appearance is affected by the state of its floors. Flooring is essential to improving the overall feel of your building. Give your floors the attention they deserve to make a positive impression on visitors and clients.

Neglecting to clean up your floors can pose a danger to your safety. Slips and injuries can be caused by clutter, spills, or debris. Clean floors will make your building as safe as possible for visitors, clients, employees, and everyone else.

Eliminate the Dirt from Your Floors

Many property managers and building owners face the problem of finding the right person to care for their hard floors. Your cleaning service might not have the right tools or expertise to keep your floors in top shape.

Hard floors are an investment that will last a lifetime. Therefore, it is important to maintain them over time. Hard floors require more attention than regular mopping and sweeping. Advanced Cleaning Systems can take care of your floor maintenance, whether you have hardwood, ceramic tile or VCT marble.

Advanced Cleaning Systems will collaborate with you to develop a floor maintenance plan that addresses all types of flooring in your building, including tile, carpet, and terrazzo. We can also coordinate other services like strip wax, refinishing, and repair if your flooring is more damaged from wear or neglect.

Hard Surface Floor Care
Hard Surface Floor Care

Advanced Cleaning Systems

We can clean and maintain a wide range of hard surface floors in healthcare facilities, schools, offices, and other business locations. We can clean vinyl, hardwood, ceramic tile and porcelain, and help extend their life expectancy. We will give your hard surfaces floors a shiny new look with our advanced methods and superior standards.

Vinyl composition tile is a very popular type of flooring in commercial buildings. Vinyl composition tile is a popular choice because it is durable and easy to maintain. VCT needs to be maintained and cleaned regularly. Advanced Cleaning Systems has extensive knowledge in cleaning VCT floors and can ensure your floors look their best.

Our professional commercial cleaning services use the most recent technologies and procedures. This includes our proprietary cleaning process. We care about clean. It shows in our work, people, accountability, and commitment to you every day.

Step by Step, We Do It Right

Advanced Cleaning Systems is committed to achieving the highest standards of cleaning. We offer customized cleaning programs that can be tailored to your specific needs. We do more than just clean. We deliver what we promise and follow up with every customer to ensure customer satisfaction.

We offer professional commercial cleaning services to help maintain healthy working environments and make your building shine, regardless of whether it is an office, clinic, or school. Our cleaners are proud to offer our proprietary cleaning process that is more effective than traditional cleaning methods. Green cleaning products are also used. They leave no residue or odors behind. We can handle all your cleaning and disinfecting needs, no matter what facility they are located in.

After we have gotten to know your facility, we will create a custom cleaning and disinfecting program that meets your specific needs. We can schedule cleaning services at the time and frequency that is most convenient for you and your facility.

Hard Surface Floor Care
Hard Surface Floor Care

Reduce Costs By Creating A Custom Floor Maintenance Plan

You can save up to 25% on your cleaning costs and have your cleaning done by someone else. This will ensure a clean, healthy environment.

Advanced Cleaning Systems provides the best commercial and industrial cleaning services, as well as warehouse cleaning and hard surface cleaning. Our team has vast experience in cleaning many types of industrial and commercial locations including offices, factories, warehouses and restaurants as well as hotels, daycare centers, schools and other buildings. We use state-of the-art equipment to provide you with the results that you want and get the job done quickly every time. Quality and attention to detail are our hallmarks. We will make sure that your hard surfaces can withstand the most rigorous building inspections.

Our cleaning professionals are highly trained and use proprietary cleaning systems and disinfecting methods that significantly reduce dust and bacteria.

Professional Cleaning of Floor Surfaces

Hard floors can be a great investment that will last many years. The old way of cleaning hard floors with a mop and a bucket is no longer the best. The wrong cleaner, chemical, machine or cleaning method can easily ruin hard flooring surfaces.

Grout is one of the most difficult things to clean in a building. Grout needs to be cleaned regularly, whether it is in the lobby, breakrooms or restrooms. It is not possible to prevent accumulated soiling from occurring every day with daily janitorial maintenance. Therefore, it is necessary to do a deep clean occasionally. Advanced Cleaning Systems offers a unique cleaning method that delivers exceptional results and lasts.

Contact us anytime if you have any questions or concerns about hard floor surfaces not listed above. We are more than happy to help you!

Ask about our quick and affordable estimates and quotes for commercial and residential hard floor cleaning.

Hard Surface Floor Care


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